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We are pleased to announce THREE major achievements!

"Sometimes Sleep" has received the Gelett Burgess award for read aloud/storytime all ages!

"Sometimes Sleep" has received the Mom's Choice Award® for Excellence!

We have also been honored with being among the top notable books for the 2015 Shelf Unbound Magazine best Indie book review!

Please take a minute (or eight) and find out what "Sometimes Sleep" is all about. Enjoy!


Filled with beautiful, lush images, loving poetry, and gorgeous dreamscapes, "Sometimes Sleep" unlocks imagination and guides your child to wonderful dreams. "Sometimes Sleep" is a children's book, consisting of a succession of poems describing the various ways sleep is delivered...(or sometimes not).

Our goals for this story include arming children with vivid images to bring to bed with them, helping them understand metaphor and aiding parents
in talking with children about sleep. Also, I want to provide the book that children need to carry around the house, tear up the edges,
create dog ears, wear down to a nub, all because they love it so much, and cannot bear to be away from it.
Created to inspire imagination, great dreams are bound to happen!

Along with my books, I have personal artwork on the site in my sample art section. Please take a moment and look through the site!